Olympus – Narishige – Japan


EASE OF USE : Front operation of condenser height, Possible to operate without worrying about manipulator

Focus Stopper : Possible to re-create Koehler position easily.

Magnification changer : Easy to change magnification without objective change.

(Magnification selectable: 1x, 1.6x or 2x)

Tokai Hit - Japan Thermoplate*2

Ensures more accurate and stable thermal control of the Specimens during the observation under microscope.

RI Manipulator

  •  Every detail of the Integra 3™ is geared towards one goal to ensure you create the best possible conditions for ICSI and sample manipulation.
  •  We recognize that temperature and time are critical within an ART lab. Integra 3™ is ultra-responsive and effortlessly smooth, so it’s quick and easy to use, thanks to RI advanced mechanical design. You can change
    micropipettes in seconds, which can transform the efficiency of your lab overnight.
  • We have increased the size of the integrated heated stage by 40% but kept the footprint to a minimum to keep your
    work area uncluttered.