Portable Test Tube Warmer



  • Light Weight – i.e. Easy to carry
  • Compact Design
  • Temperature Accuracy of ±0.1°C
  • Removable 4 Test Tube Block
  • LED Indication
  • DC Power Operated

Digital Aspiration Pump


The fist of kind made in India with heating stage The Shinelife oocyte aspiration pumps have been developed to provide smooth low volume vacuum at a pre-determine negative pressure allowing simple low turbulence oocyte recovery. The range of vacuum is variable from 0-400 mmHg in low vacuum mode, followed by controlled heating surface for accurate prewarm tubes. The foot pedal allows hands-free operation and delivers rapid recovery of oocytes.

Analog Aspiration Pump


Shinelife Analog suction pump have been developed to provide smooth, Low volume vacuum at pre-determined Negative pressures, so allowing simple, low turbulence, oocyte recovery.

Stereozoom Microscope Nikon Series

Nikon offers a broad range of stereo microscopes and accessories, including a research stereo microscope system with the world’s highest zoom ratio, superb resolution and bright fluorescence imaging. Also features other versatile parallel-optics type models suitable for various applications and Greenough-type models that are user-friendly and affordable

SMZ 745 


  • The SMZ745 boasts a 7.5x zoom that incorporates the Greenough optical The zoom range of 0.67x to 5x provides a broad observation range.
  • As well as high zoom ratio and magnification, the SMZ745 offers an unrivaled 115 mm working.
  • Three “A” design-
  • Air-tight

By making joints air-tight, contamination from dust, oil, water and other contaminants is prevented.

  • Anti-fungal design       

Anti-fungal design developed exclusively by Nikon ensures peace of mind when the microscope is used in environments subject to high heat or humidity

  • Anti-electrostatic

Static electricity built up within the microscope is discharged almost instantly, ensuring higher yields. Anti-static function: 1000–10V, discharge within 0.2 sec.

SMZ -800


  • The SMZ800N comes with a wide zoom ratio of 8:1 (1 – 8x zoom range) and enables high resolution observation of 640LP/mm (using ED Plan Apo 2x/WF at maximum zoom) with its high-NA optics.
  • OCC illumination boosts the contrast of transparent sample structures.
  • Expandable with a wide range of accessories
  • Eyepiece tubes with a range of inclination angles are available for comfortable observation.
  • The double nosepiece offers easy on-axis imaging, enabling observation of the bottom of holes, accurate simple measurement and extended depth-of-focus imaging without distortion.

Clean Air Work Stations Alpha Series

Laminar air flow workstations are designed for creating an Aseptic environment for processing gametes & embryos in a Clean class 100 work area.

Clean air workstations offer the best in class heating controller System to attain the highest efficiency of temperature and HEPA Filtration of air to achieve class 100 wok area with 0.3 micron Particle retention. High efficiency German motor blowers for Less than 57 dB noise level and heated glass stage.

Wide range of sizes available, with customization.

Alpha T3 – 3”x 2” working area
Alpha T4 – 4”x 2” working area
Alpha T6 – 6”x 2” working area
All working area is having the provisions of Customized microscope.


Features :

  • Stylish Design and ergonomic sloping front
  • Front Doors/Optional Side Doors providing excellent access
  • Compatible with all Major Microscopes Bright Illumination and Quiet <40dB
  • Sloping Front for Ergonomic Comfort
  • Hand Ports – 2 Types available: Standard (Oval with Hinged Doors) or Iris
  • Adjustable Height Control (Optional)
  • Electrical Outlet as standard
  • Wheels for easy transportation

CO2 Incubator

Forma Steri-Cycle i160

The Thermo Scientific Stericycle i160 CO2 incubator is specifically designed to deliver the performance reliability, ease of operation, and value required to support a range of culturing needs from basic research to the demanding, leading-edge applications.

Planer Nex Gen Incubator

This is custom build portable benchtop incubator

The CT37 stax multi chamber benchtop incubator has been designed using the best features of the existing technology and incorporating these with a mix of innovative new features to provide a state of art and also fit for the demands of the modern IVF laboratory.

  • Uses 30% less lab space.
  • Capacity for upto 72 petri dishes.
  • Capacity for upto 36 patients.
  • Individually controlled chambers.
  • Real time graphical display.
  • Data logging of incubator parameters.
  • Alarm acknowledgement.
  • User management.

Benchtop Incubator

PLANER BT37 MarkII Benchtop Incubator

The BT37 MarkII combines providing a consistent and optimal environment for embryo development with improved functionality and ease of use ensuring that it helps protect and care for your embryo’s and gametes throughout their culture.

The BT37 MarkII provides precision control of all the parameters required to ensure optimal homeostatic conditions are maintained throughout the whole chamber.

The BT37 MarkII is packed with new and improved features to ensure the incubator is easy and intuitive to use.

IVFtech Benchtop Incubator

FreyGen ALF 4 and 6 chamber incubator

The FreyGen ALF IV  and VI incubators are designed to protect IVF samples and to ensure opti- mal growth conditions by providing:

  • Stable, clean, and turbulence-free atmosphere
  • Constant and uniform temperature control – including quick recovery times
  • Stable and accurate control of gas levels (CO2 and O2) – including quick recovery times
  • Constant alarm monitoring of critical parameters