Air Care - 7 Stage Filtration System

  • HEPA FILTER: HEPA (High Efficiency particulate arrester) effectively adsorbs particles less than 0.3 micron with an efficiency of more than 99.9%.it effectively captures particles, dust &germs.
  • Activated carbon filter: catalyzers & decomposes the harmful gas like formaldehyde. H2S, NH3 efficiently. ACF acts like a sponge &traps most of the airborne gases & odors.
  • Fiber filter: it traps the dust particles & thereby increasing the life of the HEPA & other filters.
  • Photo catalyst: TiO2 photo catalyst when exposed in certain wavelength UV light triggers oxidation Deoxidation reaction to decompose formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, sulpur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide in air & convert it to water & carbon dioxide finally.
  • After nanoTiO2 Photo catalyst absorbs UV it decomposes water in air & forms electron & hole.
  • UV Lamps: UV Light with wavelength 254nm can effectively destroys most of the microns & germs thriving in air effectively due to its germicidal properly. The life of UV lamp is up to 8000 hours of working. The sterilization rate is more than 97.6%.
  • Ionizer: It generates negative charged oxygen ions (anions). Anions with negative charge neutralizes smoke & dust which are positively charged particles floating in air depositing them naturally. More than 8 Mn ions are generated per second in the unit.
  • Ozone: this is three atoms of oxygen together o3. It is characterized by its fresh, spring rain like scent & blush color. Ozone is one of most powerful microbicides known to science. It effectively destroys most resistant pathogens. It is metastable meaning it tends to revert back to its original state oxygen.
  • Available in two models air care 300 & 500 and area covered upto 300 sq ft & 500 sq ft .