Xiltrix-Real Time Laboratory Monitoring System


Quality standards in IVF labs are becoming more and more stringent. In any professionally run laboratory, product storage, microbiological processes, and environmental conditions must all be critically controlled. It is impossible for a user to watch equipment all the time, so XiltriX International has developed a system that does it for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, XiltriX watches a myriad vital parameters like temperature and pressure and warns the user if any controlled parameter moves outside set limits.


  • Data communication real-time with wireless, hard-wired and network
  • Very scalable solution (up to 1,000 sensors)
  • Multiple locations can connect to centralized
  • (Cloud) server
  • Large number of users can log in simultaneously on PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Real-time alarms with detailed SMS, E-mail,
  • telephone messages
  • Local alarms: flashing lights and sirens
  • Comprehensive range of sensors: PT100, RH, CO2, O2, Pa, VOCs, and Particles, etc.
  • Personalization of dashboard look and feel
  • Separate layers available for technical management
  • All changes are automatically logged
  • Complies to all national and international accreditation standards


  • XiltriX sensors are connected to a measurement network and a new measurement is taken at least once per
  • These measurements are then digitalized. The software evaluates the values with the alarmed set
  • When the values fall outside the alarm limits, the alarm
  • system is activated.